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₹ 2999

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₹ 9999

Screen Resolutions
# of Screens 4 10 Upto 20
# of Data Input fields (overall) * 10 20 Upto 40
Landscape/Portrait orientation Default Support Custom Support Custom Support
Photo Capture
Main Camera
Secondary Camera
Photo overlay (captions and otherwise)
Social Media Integration
Social Network Integration Upto 2 Upto 6 Upto 8
Location Capture (As fine as possible)
Mobile-Ad Service
Bar Code Scanning Support (1D, 2D)
QR Code Support
Maps Integration
Mark location in map
Directions from current location to a target location
Pinning location on a map
Image Recognition
Face Detection (only Android)
Pattern detection
Audio Integration
Device native audio player integration Through native app Custom player
Background audio within app
Audio controls in app
Video Integration
Device native audio player integration Through native app Custom player
Video controls in app
Video Capture
Service/Data Integration
Service Integration (#) 4 12 Upto 20
Offline Data Store
Data encryption
3rd Party Integration (One per package)
Sharing content (e.g. Dropbox)
Payment Gateway #
Digital wallets (e.g passbook / google wallet)
Bluetooth integration
Additional Sensor Integrations
Gravity Sensor
Rotation Vector
Additional Effort for Tablet Support
10% 15% 20%
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