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Divert call

Call diverting app allows to divert call to any number via text message or internet remotely.

Sms Divert

This app also divert particular text message via text message.

Creative Design

This app allows automatic call forwarding to the given number by a qiuck sms command.It allow remote call forwarding,redirect phone call in an eassy way via sending a text message.

Easy To Operate

This App is very important for you if you require frequent call forwarding to other numbers. You can use Instead of going to settings and then call settings and again call forward settings and finally configuring your call forward, you can simply set up for call forwarding purpose in one click using this app

Offline support

This app transfer call,redirect message, send message,when phone is not connected to internet.It divert call by sending a text message.

Responsive Design

This app has simple User interface and eassy to useThis app lets you activate remotely a call diversion to another phone very easily.