Top 5 Branding Blunders That Were Common In 2022

Are you making some serious branding blunders? Sometimes it's hard to see your errors and mistakes — you're working so closely with your Brand that you hardly notice if something seems off. 

When you are aware of your mistakes, you can go forth without hunting fads or making flops. We've shortlisted some of the most typical branding mistakes so that you can start your next move confidently and without leaving any stone unturned.

Poor Logo Application & Brand Identity.

Is your logo rigid, clunky, or difficult to fit across platforms? "Shape-shifting," or making logos adaptable and dynamic, is one of the biggest trends in logo design. Logos must be flexible to fit well across all platforms and media. Logos must adapt visually across all formats, such as social media channels, and look good on responsive and mobile-friendly websites, printed collateral, and packaging. Due to this, logo design is touching new heights of creativity.

Many logos get "hyper bland" by opting for minimal simple black and white, sans-serif type patterns, while some use type-only identities. This makes typography more crucial than ever. Moreover, creative branding agencies are also toying with geometry, blending unusual geometric shapes and pairing them with vivid and radiant colors. 

Lack of Brand Voice.

Numerous brands have their overarching Brand Identity. They have certain brand policies with stringent instructions for logos, style treatments, color palettes, and textures. A brand voice should be precise, consistent, cohesive, and aligned with the brand identity. Clients and customers can notice whether the brand voice is authentic or spurious. Ensure your brand voice carries your taglines, headlines, subheads, crossheads, buttons, and the brand name itself. 

Missing Inclusive Language or Imagery. 

The world is transforming, and brands and advertising are changing with the trend. Although nostalgia still exists, today's customers expects brands to embrace themes like social duty, sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and positivity. It's essential to remember that oft-used words and phrases may have hidden definitions. Take some time to audit the trends and adjust your Brand according to its values, so you are expressing with purpose and intentionality. It's worth your time to get an impartial, third-party inspection of how your Brand is coming across.

Ignoring Marketplace Changes and Trends.

Neglecting industry trends, competitive positioning, and customer feedback leads to branding that feels stuffy and dull, which leads to a brand voice that doesn't sell. It is better to streamline processes and automate daily tasks with productivity tools and new ways of communicating, allowing enough time to personalize human interactions and give exceptional service where it matters most.

Not Auditing Your Brand 

It is a fact that persistent brands are timeless in many ways. However, businesses should now take a fresh look at their Brand every 2 years, if not every year. Customers tend to change, and their interests and language evolve regularly. Are you the same individual you were 2 years ago? Presumably not; the marketplace is changing even if you stay the same. A brand is a relationship, and your brand essence may stay more or less consistent. Regular assessment of your Brand can prove fruitful. Learn how your Brand looks to fresh eyes.

So, how can you do creative branding in 2023?

We've looked at some of the most common branding blunders: Brands fail to notice something critical — changes in customer behavior, the marketplace, and changes in technology. 

A good creative branding agency can assist you in tracking changes and adapting to them. 

Creative branding agencies in Dubai, like Kikde Group, can make your life easier. Furthermore, we can guide you to sort out your branding loopholes and can infuse a new lease of life into your Brand.




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